National Badger Week, Day 25, 26 and 27 – 30 days Wild

This week is National Badger Week with lots of activities and Badger watching going on all around the country. So I thought I would dedicate a few 30 Days Wild to Badgers.

On Sunday 26th, I put my trail camera out near the Badger’s nursery sett to see if I could confirm all 6 cubs were still around. I have only been seeing 5 for the past month, and again the trail camera footage showed 5 cubs.

Firstly Arrow was about with her 2 cubs, Tiny Tim and Blue. These are the cubs I see the most, out and about around the sett.

Another adult arrived with 3 cubs. Although these share the nursery sett, this group don’t spend much time with Arrow and her cubs. I haven’t seen all 5 cubs interact together since 18th May. I can’t confirm whether these are Cookie’s cubs being looked after by the other adults but they don’t often seem to be with the same adult where as Tiny Tim and Blue are never far from Arrow.

The two adults acknowledged each other then pottered about. The cubs started to play fight.

This clip shows Arrow, the adult at the back and all the cubs playing.

In this clip Blue is play fighting with one of the other cubs, while Tiny Tim is the one in the front.

Blue and the other cub are still fighting, the large cub has Blue pinned down by the neck on the ground. Tiny Tim comes jumping out of the ditch onto the cub forcing it to let Blue go.

After watching all these clips (there were 113 clips) I was quite worried that one of the cubs may have been badly hurt, so on Monday 27th we went down to the sett to check up on them. When we arrived all 7 badgers were out, 2 adults and 5 cubs. All of them appeared healthy and unharmed from all the play fighting.

IMG_0351Arrow with Tiny Tim and BlueIMG_0377

A little bit of out of order, but on Saturday 25th, Oxon Badger Group had a stall outside Lush in Oxford to promote National Badger Week and to generally talk to people about badgers and their experiences with badgers. Although a thunder storm came right over head and it rained most of the day, it was still good fun.

About Alex White - Appletonwild

This is my diary of the wildlife where I live in Oxfordshire, and sometimes the places I visit. My passion is for British wildlife, especially Badgers and Hares. This year my debut book "Get Your Boots On" was published I am a keen amateur photographer. All the photographs on this blog are taken by myself unless stated otherwise. I am a member of A Focus on Nature, the network for Young Nature Conservationists, BBOWT, The Oxon Mammal group and The Oxfordshire Badger Group. You can also follow me on Twitter @Appletonwild Instagram appletonwild
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