Question about Roe deer

I spend quite a bit of time watching my local Roe deer. Over the past week or more, one adult female and her two youngsters, from this year, have been having trouble with another couple of the local deers. Normally they all seem to get along, however recently something has changed.

Today I noticed that one of the young deer has some bald patches, would this have been from an altercation with another deer or would it be a skin condition?


About Alex White - Appletonwild

This is my diary of the wildlife where I live in Oxfordshire, and sometimes the places I visit. My passion is for British wildlife, especially Badgers and Hares. This year my debut book "Get Your Boots On" was published I am a keen amateur photographer. All the photographs on this blog are taken by myself unless stated otherwise. I am a member of A Focus on Nature, the network for Young Nature Conservationists, BBOWT, The Oxon Mammal group and The Oxfordshire Badger Group. You can also follow me on Twitter @Appletonwild Instagram appletonwild
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9 Responses to Question about Roe deer

  1. Yersinia says:

    Just seen a female roe deer in scrub at the back of my Surrey garden with a bald patch on the lower throat, similar to yours, maybe slightly less severe.

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  2. ljaynature says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blogs this year Alex. Hope you have a fantastic new year 🙂

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  3. Drew says:

    I just saw this and thought of your work – keep it up !

    Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful 2018

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  4. zotwot says:

    Interesting find. I’ve done a bit of digging and looked at diseases which affect roe deer (not something I’d recommend!) and I couldn’t find anything remotely like this.

    I think it’s most likely a bad case of mange. Lice or another parasite find the way onto the animal and make it really itchy. The deer then itches itself on trees and posts which stop the fur from growing.

    If it’s mange then it’s likely other deer of the group or even other mammals in the same area like foxes have also caught the parasite. They would likely have parts of their coat which look dishevelled though probably not as bad as this.



  5. A rather strange place for a bald spot. Interesting to find out.

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