Climate Strike March 2019

“Water is rising and so are we!” and “We are missing our lessons so we can teach you one” were just two of many banners that were on display at the Climate Strike in Oxford, Bonn Square on Friday. In Oxford there were around 1000 students who had made the decision to abandon lessons to protest for their future.

Oxford joined around 110 cities in the U.K and 1660 world-wide. Each small voice joining  together with over 1.5 million other voices.

One primary school student said “I may be small but that doesn’t mean I can’t make a difference.” This is what I felt Oxford appeared to be. Small but powerful.

It was amazing and heartwarming to see both older and younger generations, banners and all, come together to raise awareness of the threat of Climate change.

Climate change is a serious threat towards the survival of humanity. The Paris Agreement states that all developed countries need to hold the increase in the global average temperature to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels so that we can have a chance at reducing the risks and impacts of climate change, and yet here we are, school pupils having to miss lessons to gain the attention of decision makers who decide how much pollution is being released or if there was going to be a limit on how much fossil fuels the U.K would use.

Many people believe that these strikes are just ‘an easy way to skip lessons’ and even our Government thinks that we are a ‘disruption’, however I beg to differ as if students were just skipping lessons then why would we create banners, start petitions and make headlines around the country to try and gain your attention?

These protests seemed to be the only way our voices can be heard. I personally believe that these events are vital way to the highlight human race’s future because if nothing changes there may not be school to go to in the future.

Some students couldn’t make it to these protests either because the school wasn’t supportive of the idea of students missing lessons (which makes sense to me) or if they felt that it would be ‘uncool’ to take part in looking after the environment.

However there are multitudes of ways that you can help make a difference. Small things such as recycling or using canvas bags are brilliant, but if you want to aim bigger, you could do things such as choosing to be vegetarian or even vegan, reducing your air travel or conserving water and energy.

These ideas will help reduce your carbon footprint and they can also save lives of animals around the world.

If you wanted to take part in a future event then look out for any details on social media.

Stay Wild


Climate strike 2019 collage

About Alex White - Appletonwild

This is my diary of the wildlife where I live in Oxfordshire, and sometimes the places I visit. My passion is for British wildlife, especially Badgers and Hares. This year my debut book "Get Your Boots On" was published I am a keen amateur photographer. All the photographs on this blog are taken by myself unless stated otherwise. I am a member of A Focus on Nature, the network for Young Nature Conservationists, BBOWT, The Oxon Mammal group and The Oxfordshire Badger Group. You can also follow me on Twitter @Appletonwild Instagram appletonwild
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3 Responses to Climate Strike March 2019

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  2. Greta DH says:

    I personally feel that the youth has all the right to protest against the politicians, governments, who are not taking the climate changes seriously. We all experience that our climate is changing rapidly. Drought, floods, tornadoes in unusual places.. therefore actions need to be taken now. Not tomorrow because than it will be too late.
    When we go shopping, we tear the plastic wraps from almost everything we can and leave it at the supermarket or shop, using our own cotton baskets. It is amazing how many times a simple biscuit is wrapped, 2-3 times. And guess what, we still collect a whole bin full of plastic wraps every 2 months. I don’t need all this anymore.
    Each little act to save our climate is worth doing it.
    Each voice protesting against the incompetence of politicians who are afraid of taking action is worth doing it.
    Keep on pushing!
    (In Belgium one of the ministers already had to quit. She was under severe pressure because of the flagrant lies she told about the actions she supposedly had taken to protect the woods)

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  3. I keep seeing articles and hearing stories about school kids protesting for climate change, it happened in our own county and I was so proud of the students that stood up for what they believe in. Well done to all of you!

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