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Finding time for wildlife

Going through primary school and the lower years of secondary school I always found it really easy to find time to watch wildlife. Actually I didn’t ‘make’ time, the time was just there because I didn’t have any other pressures. … Continue reading

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Last photos of 2018

It’s been another busy and exciting year in 2018. There always seems to be something to new to discover or learn about. I had a weeks work experience at The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, saw glow worms for the … Continue reading

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Badger Bones

A couple of weeks ago I found the remains of a dead badger. Not much, a few hairs and a pile of bones. With the close proximity of the badger to my local sett I’m guessing that this badger belonged … Continue reading

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Day 22 of 30 Days Wild – Badger comeback

Around five years a badger sett that I knew of in Oxfordshire was destroyed by badger baiters. I won’t give any details, but it was horrific and very upsetting. Every so often I go back and check up on the … Continue reading

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First glimpse of 2018 badger cubs

I’m really please to discover, after waiting patiently, that this years badger cubs are finally being brave enough to venture above ground.   It’s been really interesting watch through all of the trail camera footage, of which the above film … Continue reading

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Billy badger cub

I’m posting two blogs today about badgers. One had a happy ending, this one didn’t. A member of the public rang Oxon Badger Group explaining that they had found a female badger that had been killed on the road. This amazing person … Continue reading

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Badger skull

While out walking I noticed a badger skull in a ditch. As I have never noticed it there before and nearby was a newly excavated badger hole, I am presuming it was dug out with the spoil. One of the … Continue reading

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