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Attachment issues

One thing that I find difficult to do while enjoying wildlife is not get emotionally attached. If you have been following my blog for long enough now you will know that I do get emotionally attached and that when something … Continue reading

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Badger trails

The crops have been harvested and the wild flower meadow cut leaving telltale signs of the badgers foraging paths from over the summer. Badgers will use the same paths for generations. It is not just badgers that weave their way … Continue reading

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Garden wildlife

I’ve had the week off school due to a Streptococcus infection which meant I haven’t been able to go much further than the doctors or my garden. It has actually been great having time to do nothing other than watch … Continue reading

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Trail camera Badgers and Deers

A trail camera is a great way to find out what is going on in your garden when you are not around. I have a Little Acorn and a Bushnell trail camera, both are triggered by motion and can be … Continue reading

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Sunny autumn afternoon

Amongst decorating the house for Halloween there was time for a quick walk with the dogs over the field. It is always surprising how much wildlife we see even with the dogs. One field had a couple of Roe deer … Continue reading

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