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Barn Owl Pellets

My mum was out walking the dogs the other evening when a Barn Owl flew over her head. She noted where it landed and came home to tell me. The next day we went out and searched around the bottom … Continue reading

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Autumn Thrushes

While stood at the window watching the Great tits and Sparrows squabbling over the bird feeders and the Jackdaws swinging acrobatically upside down trying to peck away at the fat balls, I noticed high in the sky an unruly flock … Continue reading

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Crazy few days

Sunday saw the first hedgehog day in Witney Oxfordshire, organised by Hugh Warwick. A day where people came together to celebrate all things hedgehog and spread the word on how you can make the place you live hedgehog friendly. It … Continue reading

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Small mammal survey in woodland

Over the weekend I helped out Oxon Mammals who were surveying small mammal populations in woodlands as part of a larger survey for the Mammal Society. 50 Longworth traps were set out in pairs over a 5 x 5 grid, … Continue reading

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Finding time for wildlife

Going through primary school and the lower years of secondary school I always found it really easy to find time to watch wildlife. Actually I didn’t ‘make’ time, the time was just there because I didn’t have any other pressures. … Continue reading

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Rose-coloured Starling

After a busy day yesterday I was meant to be getting on with some revision for my GCSE mocks next week, but I was sent a Tweet with a request for a bird ID. I’ll admit I’m not the best … Continue reading

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October Starlings

On the nearby wires, pylons and chimney pots the Starlings are starting to gather. During the late afternoon their chattering and squabbling gets louder and louder. Occasionally one will swoop down to drink from the pond, followed by more and … Continue reading

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