It’s been a while…

The past few months have meant many things for many people.

From more time at home, to missing friends and distant family, a chance to slow down but also quite frightening for some.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve found the past few months tough. I don’t want that to sound selfish, I have a nice home and garden to spend time in, local wildlife on my doorstep, I have food on the table and I have the technology to keep me entertained and in contact with friends.

But, mentally I have been a wreck. I’ve found it hard to concentrate on wildlife. Actually, I have spent time watching and being around wildlife but I’ve struggled to pick up a camera or write any words.

I think it’s felt as if me posting a photo of a bird and writing a few words didn’t mean very much in the big scheme of things during a global pandemic.

On a more positive note I’ve just started back at college and slowly feeling more optimistic, so hopefully I’ll be back posting on a more regular basis.

About Alex White - Appletonwild

This is my diary of the wildlife where I live in Oxfordshire, and sometimes the places I visit. My passion is for British wildlife, especially Badgers and Hares. This year my debut book "Get Your Boots On" was published I am a keen amateur photographer. All the photographs on this blog are taken by myself unless stated otherwise. I am a member of A Focus on Nature, the network for Young Nature Conservationists, BBOWT, The Oxon Mammal group and The Oxfordshire Badger Group. You can also follow me on Twitter @Appletonwild Instagram appletonwild
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21 Responses to It’s been a while…

  1. phans66 says:

    Good to see you back , It’s definitely hard sometimes to concentrate writing a blog , believe me i know. You are not alone and its perfectly OK to take time out. Sometimes we all need to step back and reconnect without the pressure of a camera or the written word. You have a passion for wildlife, keep the passion alive. I’m here if you want to talk !

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  2. Welcome back Alex 🤗 Best wishes & looking forward to your next post / picture(s) 👍🏻 💚

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  3. bamptonian says:

    Hi Alex, thank you for your really honest blog. That can’t be easy to do when you feel that you have to force yourself even to do things that you would naturally and instinctively love doing.
    Just a thought – don’t suffer alone. I run a birdwatching Meetup group. We’re still able to meet in small groups outdoors and that really is helpful for those who come along. We’re based in Oxfordshire – many of our trips are local and some go a bit further afield. Why not take a look and think about joining us? We’d value your expert input too!
    Best wishes, Andrew.

    Magic Moments With Birds

    Oxford, GB
    111 Birders

    Magic Moments With Birds offers dedicated birdwatching outings for those who want to discover more of the superb birdlife of our area and beyond. Whilst based in Oxfordshire a…

    Next Meetup

    Keyhaven and Pennington Marshes: A mecca for wading birds (G…

    Saturday, Sep 26, 2020, 12:00 PM
    4 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →

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  4. I think this is a challenging time for all of us. I hope nature will rejuvenate you and lift your spirits. Good luck with college.

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  5. Helen White says:

    Hope you keep posting. have missed your posts. The wildlife in my garden and on walks has literally kept me afloat this year and it feels important to keep noticing and enthusing about nature…perhaps even more so. Hope you are feeling much better and remember there are a lot of people who appreciate what you do.

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  6. Eileen Anderson says:

    Yes it’s been tough hasn’t it? And now, I with today’s announcements, more challenges ahead. I’m looking forward to reading more blogs and seeing your fantastic photos – but only when you are ready. Take care


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  7. Catherine says:

    I’m really glad you posted this. I have felt a bit depressed reading all the stuff online about people who’ve found lockdown has helped them connect with nature. That’s very positive of course, but for me I’ve really struggled to get out of the house and have any interest in anything much, and you put it so well when you say a photo or blog doesn’t seem to mean much when there’s a global pandemic happening. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one. I think we all just have to do what we can to get through this time and not worry too much if we don’t feel our usual enthusiasms and interests.

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  8. Denise Thornton says:

    Well done Alex

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  9. Sheila Northover says:

    I’ve missed hearing from you Alex, but remember that you were finding it all a bit difficult. I am sure I speak for many to say you are not alone feeling like you have been doing. I am glad you are feeling a bit better now you are back at college, and look forward to hearing and seeing more of your local wild sightings. Keep on keeping on Alex! 🙂

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