Badger cub rescue

Yesterday morning Oxfordshire Badger Group got called out to a badger cub that had been found wandering around on its own long after it should have been back in its sett asleep.

I went with my mum to collect the badger cub. When we arrived the cub had already been caught by the kind member of the public who had reported in the first place.

We quickly got it safely settled and rushed it over to Twiggywinkles.

The poor cub was very thin and severely dehydrated.

A lot of wildlife is really suffering with this prolonged hot and dry weather, resulting in dehydration and starvation.

Please put out clean water for wildlife in your garden.

We spent last night in the area the cub was found, making sure there weren’t any other cubs, (we didn’t find any) we also put down some food and water for the other members of the clan.

Unfortunately my mum heard this morning that the poor little cub wasn’t strong enough to make it through the night.



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Guided butterfly walk

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to help out on one of Richard Lewington’s guided butterfly walks.

Richard is not only fantastic at spotting and identifying butterflies but illustrating them as well. Check out his website

Going on a guided walk with an expert really opens your eyes up to things that I would have never noticed walking around on my own.

Group photo

Even though we started the walk mid morning the temperature was already soaring up to nearly 30 degrees.

The walk down to the woods produced plenty of Whites, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns and Ringlets, either in the meadows, beside the path or around the brambles on the approach to the woods.

GatekeeperMeadow Brown

I had visited the woods in the evening prior to this walk so I already knew that the next corner was full of Silver-washed fritillaries (fingers crossed). We weren’t disappointed and the next 10 minutes or so were spent watching these huge butterflies sail over the bracken.

Silver Washed Fritillary

The oak tree that towered over the bracken was teeming with Purple hairstreaks, although without Richard’s knowledge most of us would have probably missed them.

The conversation turned to the lack of Speckled Woods, and right on cue we spotted two bickering over territory.

The group headed out to a field where Purple Emperors and White Admirals have been sighted in the past, but today we were unlucky.

Heading back we popped out of the wood in to a corner of a field which has been left wild and is now thick with ragwort, thistles and nettles. This split the group in to those who wanted to take photos of the numerous Marbled whites, Small Skippers, Green Veined Whites, Brimstone, Small whites, Large whites, Ringlets, Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers (I think I’ve remembered them all), and to those of us who were now just interested in seeking shade.

Marbled WhiteSmall whiteSmall Skipper

The last woodland ride was another chance to see a White admiral, but again no show.

It was a brilliant morning organised by Richard Lewington and Abingdon Naturalists


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I didn’t manage to fit a write up on badgers during 30 Days Wild even though I did visit my local sett numerous times.

The badgers are really struggling with all the dry weather at the moment and although I don’t feed them very often I have taken water and some food soaked in water down a few times in the past couple of weeks.

Badgers, and other wildlife, are not only struggling to find nearby water, but with the ground so hard food such as worms are much harder to come by.

View of badger from my hiding place

View of badger from my hiding place

The adults are able to trot down to the stream for water, but the cubs are still staying fairly close to the sett and I’m not sure they are going as far as the stream.

I spread the food around so the badger cubs had to forage for it. The cub with the dark mark down its white strip is the more nervous of the two cubs.


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Day 30 of 30 Days Wild – Roundup

I thought I’d make a short film about my favourite moments of 30 Days Wild of 2018


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Day 28 of 30 Days Wild – Foxes

It was fascinating to watch this fox stalking. It lay in the grass with only its ears twitching every so often.

Occasionally the fox would raise its head then slowly lower it to the ground.

After about 10 minutes it got bored, sat up, wandered around, had a roll in the grass, stretched a few times and trotted off.

I’m not sure that it was serious about catching any dinner or was just enjoying the evening sun and cooling temperature.


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Day 27 of 30 Days Wild – Strawberry moon

As it was so hot yesterday our dogs didn’t get their last walk until quite late.

It was perfect out in the field, to walk around while the moon rose up from behind the wood.

We could hear the Little owls gently calling over on the farm and the Blackbirds and thrushes singing until well after sunset.

The full moon in June has many names depending on different traditions.

Strawberry moon, Hawthorn moon, Moon of horses, Rose moon, Flower moon, but I think my favourite is Honey moon after all the bees around during June.

As the sky turned darker Saturn became visible, although not easy to take photos of.





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Day 26 of 30 Days Wild – Longhorn beetles

It’s great when you come across something you have never noticed before.

There are 69  species of Longhorn beetles in Britain and I probably walk passed plenty every day while out taking photos, but I’ve never really stopped and looked at them before. They have long antennae, which are often as long as or longer than the beetle’s body

This one is a Spotted Longhorn beetle (Rutpela maculata). It can be found along hedgerows and woodland margins during May until August. It is one of the easy ones to spot, the adults are commonly found on ‘umbel flowers’ (I had to look that up). The word umbel was taken to be used in Botany from Latin umbella “parasol, sunshade.

Spotted Longhorn beetle

Spotted Longhorn beetle (Rutpela maculata)


The second Longhorn beetle I came across was a Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn – Agapanthia villosoviridescens

This one is mainly found in meadows and hedgerows. Adults feed on Hogweed, Cow Parsley and nettles. Most seen in May and June.

Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn - Agapanthia villosoviridescens

Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn – Agapanthia villosoviridescens

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