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Work Experience At CEH

Over the last week I have been doing Work Experience at The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.¬† I really enjoyed working here and I am very grateful for the opportunity. Day one Arriving at The Center for Ecology and Hydrology … Continue reading

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2 minute wood clean

There is a lot of publicity about litter and plastic waste at the moment. Blue Planet highlighted the problems of¬†plastic and ghost nets floating in the ocean, but plastic can also be an eyesore and cause danger to wildlife on … Continue reading

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Best Big Garden Bird Watch so far

The Big Garden Bird Watch 2018 turned out to be the best one I’ve done so far. Despite drizzling with rain to start with, there were still plenty of birds around. Here’s my list of the birds that actually landed … Continue reading

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Sparrow Roost

The House sparrow number in my garden have been steadily growing over the past couple of years. Every evening about 12 of them roost in a laurel tree in my garden. I thought I would do something different and record … Continue reading

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Hide in the snow

  Such a surprise this morning to wake up and find the ground covered in a thin layer of snow. Within a few minutes of entering the wood I spotted a fox trotting along the hedgerow. I stopped and set … Continue reading

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It’s nearly a month since Winter Solstice and it is definitely more noticeable that the sun is setting later. This time last month the sun was setting around 3.45pm. Today it set at roughly 4.30pm. This has meant that I … Continue reading

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If you go down to the woods today… January

January’s ‘If you go down to the woods today’…… in just over 50 words. If you go down to the woods today listen to the ice crunch or the mud squelch underfoot. Look through the bare branches as zephyrs of … Continue reading

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